We are inviting you to the opening of Tviga Vasilyeva’s solo exhibition ‘Vanished’ (forest studies) on Thursday the 24th of June 7- 10PM

A lot of Tviga’s work is site-specific and cross disciplinary, involving collaboration with a range of organisations and individuals. Working with technology, sound, video and sculpture, She create work, exploring landscape, nature and environment, using photography as a means of visualising invisible.

Seliger Forest is a part of Volday State Nature Reserve and is located in the extreme Northern part of European Russia. Recently, this forest is being logged for its valuable timber. For this project Tviga worked on the area of Seliger forest, that was already scheduled for deforestation on the 26 of may with no future plans to replant. Having recorded and amplifIed 350 times the internal sounds of the trees She has created an interactive sound – video piece, aiming to rase the awareness of the vanishing forests and to preserve the disappearing.

Interactive video technology is being used to attempt to collapse the distance between viewer and the forest. However, it is failing, because the distance is not physical, it is conceptual. The trees, that the viewer is listening to listen do not exist any more.

By listening to the internal vibrations of the trees one may be reminded that the world and oneself as a part is dissolving.