We came across Thousand Suns doing a Google App key-studies for Google. We adored their products so much that we ended up photographing them all (see some below).

Solarpods are really great, here are our top 5 Reasons to Love this versatile, eco-friendly product!

1. First off has to be the creators of Solarpod, Thousand Suns’ ethical credentials. They’ve created a product that can run of only the solar energy yet rival gas guzzling generators. Even their production line is based in a small factory in France which provides work opportunities for people with disabilities.

2. The Solarpod is powerful and versatile, it contains a high performance lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is safe and environmentally friendly. It is fitted with a 400W inverter, a UK 3-pin socket, 2 USB ports and a 12V car socket. It can be charged either with solar panels or by plugging it directly into the mains. With a charging time of five to six hours the Solarpod can run a 40W TV for six hours or charge a smartphone 40 times.

3. Its sleek design makes it a compact and desirable object. The Solarpod has been described as a “unit that looks more like an Apple computer than a clunky diesel generator”. The unfoldable panels for charging the unit also come in a handy briefcase shape. The Solarpod is portable and practical enough to take it with you wherever you’re heading.

4. There are so many uses for the eco-friendly product. Thousand Suns said “The initial market was thought to be those who owned beach houses; it would be used to run things such as a small fridge or a TV”. Since then the potential for a variety of uses has become clear. Not just the environmentally conscientious but all those who might have limited or no access to the grid: from fishermen to festival goers, caravan users to campers. The Solarpod can be used in disaster stricken countries or for back up in rural areas with unreliable power supplies. It is great for running a stall at a market, trade show or exhibition or could be used to rent out power at a festival or on a cruise.

5. Last but certainly not least comes Solarpod’s little brother the Solarpod Buddy, a portable, pocket-sized solar charger for your personal gadgets, smartphones, MP3 players or GPS devices. You can plug into the USB port of the Buddy, which comes with a range of popular mobile phone tips (including apple) to attach to the charger cable.

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