SOUNDS OF CINEMA or How I Learned to Listen to the Movies

Green Lens Studios in partnership with GLAZ Multimedia is proud to bring you a new film season dedicated to the art and craft of Film Sound. Taking place biweekly every Thursday from 18th October to 29th November at Green Lens Studios the season will explore the endless possibilities of SOUND in Cinema. SOUNDS OF CINEMA brings you a unique opportunity to explore the sonic world of films in a series of screenings introduced by film scholars and sound practitioners. Our programme presents a diverse yet concise selection of films all featuring Sound as a key artistic, narrative and technical element. With this season you will travel across film history and genre encountering new works as well as revisiting old classics from a different perspective. We hope to challenge your perception of cinema inspiring a new understanding of the intricate, multilayered and simply fantastic phenomenon we call FILM.  

Programme: THU 18 October 7pm THE CONVERSTAION (USA, Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) THU 1 November 7pm ERASERHEAD (USA, David Lynch, 1977) THU 15 November 7pm SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (USA, Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, 1952) THU 29 November 7pm Fantastic Mr. Fox (USA, Wes Anderson, 2009) For more information visit:,