Green Lens Studios is committed to spreading its message about sustainability and promoting the work of artists and designers who have green issues in mind. For this blog post we had a root through our bookshelves (and Google) to find a few memorable projects relating to green or environmental themes, especially those involving photography…

1. Chris Jordan – Midway

Chris Jordan’s series demonstrates the awful and deadly effects of ocean littering on seabirds, which die when they have ingested too many plastic objects, mistaken for food.

2. Antti Laitinen – Growler

Antti Laitinen’s art project is perhaps more light hearted. Behind the humour of the situation Laitinen created and documented, we think ‘Growler’ demonstrates an environmental message; that we cannot hope to simply restore or replace what is lost from the natural world.

3. Edward Burtynsky – Oil

Burtynsky’s photographs are a stark reminder of the extent to which our world depends on oil, and the way this shapes our landscapes.

4. Daniel Beltrá – Spill

Remember the BP oil disaster in 2010? Photographer Daniel Beltra made some striking images around the scenes, which were recently shortlisted for the Prix Pictet. An estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil gushed out into the sea at the Gulf of Mexico, over an 87 day period. Beltrá’s statement puts things into perspective: “Every day in the United States, we use four times the volume of the oil released into the Gulf.” – surely an unsustainable prospect.

5. Pieter Hugo – Permanent Error

Permanent Error is a sobering look at the harsh reality of the waste produced by Western digital & technological consumerism, and the people who work on vast dumping grounds in Ghana where many obsolete devices are eventually destroyed.

If you know any others we’ve missed, please feel free to send them our way!