We were excited to have Rella shoot their Late Summer Range here at Green Lens Studios recently. This fresh lifestyle brand produce ethical menswear with innovative designs by a host of young creatives. Each Rella collection is truly unique as every piece carries its own story, illustrated on the recycled swing tag on every item. Co-founder, Maryam Mazraei says:

"most of the designs particularly the Blue Bird and the Tiger Back Print are from Japanese art. There are also some different additions to the features of the clothing such as the material used for the neck is no longer rib but self fabric so it feel less constraining around your neck alongside keeping the length of the front the same as the back with the slits still on the sides."

The swing tags inform the buyers of the history behind the design of their purchase, for example the Darth Rella t-shirt (feature in this range with short sleeves) was created from an image of the 'Brixton Come Together' Festival in 2012, experimented with to create this mesmerizing kaleidoscopic pattern. 

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