This summer Green Lens worked on a collaborative venture with lighting designer Hannah Wardle: "Making Shapes". The first edition of the lighting installation was built for Ymuno Festival in Abergele, North Wales.

Working closely with the festival organisers we created a collection family of s2-metre high pyramidal lighting designs, made of laser cut planes lit using 6V Superlight Nano 2 luminaires for outdoor lighting produced by Willy Meyer+Sohn. They can be scaled in size depending on budget and context. The shape makes them strong, stable and prevents them being climbed on - something we needed to consider for a festival. We did see a child lasso one of the larger pyramids with string and attempt to topple it but it's low centre of gravity thwarted him.

The lighting installation received lots of positive feedback from the festival organisers, crew and public alike. Everyone loved the freedom of being able to move the pieces to suit the evening and lighting conditions: the nomadic pieces went from projecting dynamic lighting onto the ceiling of the dance tent for various sets, to becoming glowing lanterns outside in the fields.

We are very grateful to Gwenno Angharad and arts & business Cymru and particularly Tansy Rogerson for enabling this project to happen. Many thanks too to Tesni Homes and Peninsula for sponsoring the event. 

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