We recently came across KitMapper when we were urgently needed to hire a second Canon EF 24–70mm F2.8 for a job we had on a couple of weeks ago. Although we own a good amount of kit (some of it listed on KitMapper now), we find that there are niche pieces of photographic or AV gear which we require, but not often so it's not cost-effective to invest into kit we may only be using for a job or two, this is why KitMapper is extremely handy. 

If you’re a creative needing for kit for a show, event or exhibition KitMapper will provide you with the equipment you need to make it happen.

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Launched in London, KitMapper, the UK’s first equipment rental network dedicated to creatives, has become an important tool for professionals and amateurs needing short-term rentals of creative gear — such as cameras, lenses, lighting, projectors, monitors and TVs, sound recording, VR kit and much more. How often do creative professionals find themselves priced out of the equipment market? Too often. 

The service allows professional creatives who own kit to loan it to users who are looking to hire kit, the prices for hires are set by users with the recommended price of 30-50 percent less compared to rental houses. KitMapper is not only unique in the fact that it is a platform for you to network and borrow from like-minded individuals, both Lister and Renter using KitMapper are covered by their KitMapper Guarantee, a legal rental agreement which makes sure you’re covered should anything happen to the kit whilst it’s out on hire. 

Keep your eyes on their  FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay updated with KitMapper news. If you haven’t already, go ahead and checkout out our interview on their KitMapper Blog.


We’ve recently joined KitMapper and absolutely love the service and would like to let all our friends and clients know about it. Try it with a special discount using code MAKEITGREEN starting from 29th of September 2017

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