We offer extensive video production services. The studio is fully equipped with everything you might need to shoot anything, from a talking heads interview, gif for your instagram, youtube video, using green screen backdrops or for many other things. We can provide technical assistance both during and post production seven days a week. To discuss your projects and get shooting without further delay call us on 020 3505915 or email info@greenlenstudios.com.

We have  a new set up for videographers including:

                 - 4 x Bowens TRI-LITE with Monfroto studio stands

                 - Monfroto 117 video tripod

                 - Range of reflectors and gels

                 - Green Screen ( cotton fabric  3x12m)

                 - Green Screen (2.72x11m paper backdrop for colour separation by colorama – Greenscreen-33)

                 - Blue Screen (2.72x11m paper backdrop for colour separation by colorama – Chromablue- 91)

                 - Canon 5D mk ll camera  with a range of lenses

Sound Pack £70/day (on premises only)

  • Zoom H6 recorder. 4 (6 channel) XLR inputs, plus 2 interchangeable microphone heads (XY and MS), Rycote isolated handle/grip and Rycote dead cats (User to provide SD cards)

  •  2 x Sennheiser EW100G3 Wireless lavier microphone systems, plus mini dead cats, camera mount and cables.

  • Rode NTG-2 professional shotgun mic (active/passive), plus dead cat wind jammer, cables, camera mount and stand mount.

  • Rode boom pole.

  • Sure SRH440 monitoring headphones.

  • Rotolight rotomic on camera mic.

  • XLR cables

  • Zoom H2n handy recorder.

Need an operator (off premises also) - £180 per day includes hire.

Ronin 3-way Gimbal Steady Cam Kit with operator / technician £400/day 250/halfday (plus travel expenses if off premises)

Inclusive of Canon 5D mkIII and Atoms Ninja 2 10 Bit HDMI HD Field recorder and hard drives. Gimbal can carry other camera and lens combinations (testing recommended.

The Ronin is fitted with thumb controller, second operator remote and a PD remote live, wired electronic follow focus (various lans gears available)

Lenses available with Canon 5D MkIII:

EF 24mm L Mk II 1.4 USM

EF 50mm 1.4 USM

EF 85mm 1.8 USM

EF 24-70mm L Mk I 2.8 USM

15mm full frame fisheye 1.8mm