Green Lens is about connectivity
Our mission is to connect creative practice with environmental sustainability. To us, photography is ethical, functional and beautiful; in 2009 we set about making that our everyday.

Green Lens is about sustainability
We’re the UK’s first environmentally sustainable photography studio. Our earth-friendly operating principles and mindful manufacturing has earned us an Ecovate certification and a cheeky nomination for Eco Micro Business of the Year. 

We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint; it’s this passion that takes us on rewilding, tree planting and sustainability projects across the UK, every year.

Green Lens is about you
Photographic studio, project space, art gallery, event venue and more; whatever your rental needs, we can accommodate. We are available for private hire with camera, lighting, backdrops and props as well as with a comprehensive range of photographic services. 

We love our space, but we’re no house cats. We shoot on location and have a selection of settings around us, from the serene sites of Parkland Walk and Queens Wood, to the industrial charm of the warehouse districts nearby.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We are the first sustainable photographic studio in the UK. We recognise that as a business we cannot be 100% eco-friendly, however, we can (and do) seek to minimise our impact on the environment, without interfering with the quality of our professional service.

• In the conversion of a disused 1880s stables into GLS, we used 70% reclaimed material

• The building has been thoroughly insulated and draft-proofed

• Energy & water saving devices are in use

We recycle as much as we can

• We use a renewable energy plan

• We promote eco-friendly methods of transport, including cycling to the locations and deliver equipment

• We use organic or fairtrade produce wherever possible

• To offset our carbon footprint we annually participate in a tree planting initiative

• We source most of our furniture and other studio items as upcycled or reused things so that we don’t contribute so much to the planned obsolescence (stuff breaking easily) as is a feature in the production of goods these days

•   We provide our broad clientele with highly energy efficientfacilities for photo shoots and art projects

•   We encourage creative sustainable practice beyond GLS by regularly organising exhibitions and workshops.

Environmental consultants – Ecovate – presented us with an ecocertificate and nominations for their 2010 “eco-micro business of the year” and “green service” awards (see certificate)

Our Clients

Our Clients