Green Lens Vision

At Green Lens Studio, we believe that photography can be ethical, functional and beautiful. Our mission is to connect creative practice with environmental sustainability and social justice.

In 2009 we set out to design a multi-functional photographic space where aesthetics, environmental and social responsibility could be combined. We found our home in a wonderfully restored stable warehouse in North London.


Green Lens loves our planet

We’re the UK’s first environmentally sustainable photography studio, with earth-friendly operating principles and mindful manufacturing that have earned us Ecovate certification and nomination for Eco Micro Business of the year. See our environmental policy below.

We collaborate with many organisations that prioritise reducing their environmental impact by taking an active role in protecting and cleaning up the environment. 

Together, we’re conscious of our footprint in the world and want to leave a trail of sweet-smelling flowers behind us – not destruction! We also plant trees to offset any unavoidable footprint.


Green Lens cares about community

The Green Lens ethos extends to our involvement with local community and social justice organisations. We actively support and promote innovative approaches to environmental and community care by engaging and connecting with those around us and opening our doors to groups who further this part of our mission. 

Our studio is full of character, warmth and charm and we love to use it to run a variety of eco workshops and exhibitions so that many voices can be added to the sustainability conversation.

Keep track of our blog where we bring you eco news from across the globe, research and share information about our community workshops and happenings, to inspire more mindful approaches to our lives and the planet.


Green Lens Mission

In order to fulfill our mission and aims we shoot and offer space for hire for all aspects of commercial photography. This includes fashion, beauty, and product photography with daylight and blackout options in our charming historical setting.

We also shoot on location and there are plenty interesting options around for example lush nature sites of Parkland Walk and Queens Wood, as well as local industrial looks of warehouses district nearby...

In order to do the eco-community work we thrive doing we make the studio financially sustainable by balancing its use between being a photographic studio, project space, art gallery and event venue. We are available for private hire with the use of camera and lighting equipment, backdrops and props as well as with a comprehensive range of photographic services.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We are the first sustainable photographic studio in the UK. We recognise that as a business we cannot be 100% eco-friendly, however, we can (and do) seek to minimise our impact on the environment, without interfering with the quality of our professional service.

• In the conversion of a disused 1880s stables into GLS, we used 70% reclaimed material

• The building has been thoroughly insulated and draft-proofed

• Energy & water saving devices are in use

We recycle as much as we can

• We use a renewable energy plan

• We promote eco-friendly methods of transport, including cycling to the locations and deliver equipment

• We use organic or fairtrade produce wherever possible

• To offset our carbon footprint we annually participate in a tree planting initiative

• We source most of our furniture and other studio items as upcycled or reused things so that we don’t contribute so much to the planned obsolescence (stuff breaking easily) as is a feature in the production of goods these days

•   We provide our broad clientele with highly energy efficientfacilities for photo shoots and art projects

•   We encourage creative sustainable practice beyond GLS by regularly organising exhibitions and workshops.

Environmental consultants – Ecovate – presented us with an ecocertificate and nominations for their 2010 “eco-micro business of the year” and “green service” awards (see certificate)

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our Partners

Ecotricity’s mission is to change the way energy is made and used in Britain. And they do this by taking the money their customers spend on their energy bills and using it to build new sources of Green Energy – from the Wind, the Sun and soon the Sea – they call this turning ‘bills into mills’.

Three BIG reasons to join Ecotricity…

1. It’s the greenest possible outcome. No other energy company will spend more of the money from your bills building new sources of green energy**. Together we’re helping to make an energy independent Britain – a Green Britain.

2. Ecotricity’s prices are simple and fair. They price match the standard tariff of each regional electricity supplier (and British Gas for gas), so for the average home it won’t cost a penny more to switch to us.

3. Ecotricity’s customer service is fabulous. Ecotricity’s ‘handmade’ customer service means we answer the phone quickly and resolve nine out of ten enquiries in the first phone call.

If you switch to Ecotricity, you’ll receive £60 Naked Wines voucher. Call us free on 08000 302 302 or visit When you sign up please quote: GLS1



Green Lens Studios is the first gallery that exclusively exhibits sustainable art. 


Green Lens Studios is the first gallery that exclusively exhibits sustainable art. 

Our mission is to connect creative practice with environmental sustainability and social justice. One way we do this is to provide a platform where artists who’ve realised their responsibility as communicators can show their work. It's proven successful as a rising number of artists are seriously taking this role on and find they need specialist spaces to cater. We aim to help this genre of artists, as we understand them to have as crucial a role as green journalists and politicians for communicating upcoming changes necessary for us to safely grow and develop upon earth.



Green Lens Studio 1.jpg


The following equipment is included in all studios hire:

  • 4 x 300W iLux Studio Monoblocks

  • 2 x 500W Bowens Studio Monoblocks

  • 2 x Standard reflectors

  • Range of Softboxes (large, medium, small and strip)

  • 2 x Umbrellas (Reflective & Shoot through)

  • 1 x 5' ProFoto Octabox (152.4cm)

  • 1 x Octabox (120cm)

  • Beauty Dish White 70cm

  • 2 x Bowens TRI-LITE continuous lights (300W)

  • Polyboard reflectors with reflector stands

  • 3 Rolls Background Paper Support System (wall mount)

  • C Stands and Standard Lighting Stands

  • Boom Arm

  • Selection of Colour Gels

  • High Velocity Fan

  • Clothing Rail

  • Iron

  • Steady studio Manfrotto tripod

EXTRAS AVAILABLE FOR HIRE (charges involved as below):

  • Black/White/Grey/Colour backdrop - £10 per metre used
    (email us for colours available in house on request)

  • Clothes Steamer - £10

  • Phottix Wireless Tranceivers - £10

  • Sekonic L-308S Light Meter - £10

  • Projector NEC - £30

  • Studio Assistant - £20 per hour

  • Parking of 1 vehicle is free, extras - £7 per vehicle

NOTE: From time-to-time equipment is out on location so please check availability with the members of stuff.